Simulated Game Shooting

Our days are tailored to suit each party, but tend to follow the format of a traditional game shooting day.

Guests are welcomed to coffee and bacon rolls in the morning, followed by a safety brief and drawing pegs for the day. We tend to shoot 8 guns per day, sharing guns is possible at a small extra cost. The morning begins with 2 drives followed by refreshments and snacks at elevens in the field . We then shoot 2 further drives in the afternoon before returning for drinks and a meal indoors.

We recommend a short break in the middle of each drive, due to the volume of shots each gun is firing. All our drives can be customised to suit each team of guns, with a mix of good fast birds or some extremely high targets to test even the best of shots. We try to keep our days as close to a traditional game shoot as possible so suggest that all guests dress as they would on a live game shoot.

We have several locations for days and drives, many of which are some of the finest high bird drives in Aberdeenshire through the winter. Each day can be tailored to suit the requirement of the team.

Watch Simulated Game Shooting in action!