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  • Lochter Report – Top of the water is the place to be

    30 July 2019Posted in

    Down Lochter way last week the prevailing warmer conditions greatly increased the surface activity as the fish were anxious to tuck into tasty batches of flies coming off the water so anglers had plenty of fish to target particularly in the morning and the evening.

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  • Weekly Fishing Report - Daddy's Tempt Big Lochter Trout

    Weekly Fishing Report - Daddy's Tempt Big Lochter Trout

    16 July 2019Posted in

    There was some great top of the water sport to be had down Lochter way last week with the added bonus being that many of the trout caught were in the 5lb to 8lb category as well as a few specimens into double figures being caught and returned.

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  • Lochter Report – Holiday happiness at Lochter

    09 July 2019Posted in

    With the start of the school holidays we have been inundated with a whole battalion of youngsters accompanied by parents, or a lot of the time, grandparents, ready to do battle on our bait ponds to catch what for them seems an elusive trout.

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  • Lochter Report – Game, Set and Catch at Lochter

    02 July 2019Posted in

    With Wimbledon beginning this week they say that it heralds the start of the ‘real’ Summer. There will be much Pimms, strawberries as well as puffing, panting and groaning from the well honed athletes displaying their skills under a baking sun. It reminded me of the old joke:- Why do fish not play tennis – because they don’t like going near the net!

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