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We have been very busy this year launching two new activities and we have a third in the pipeline. Our Devil's Dare Zip Slide is now open, it has been a huge success with our Corporate Groups at the family BBQ days. General Manager Howard Hughes commented 'you can fly through the air with the greatest of ease like the daring young man on the flying trampease' . This activity is suitable for a wide age group with a Junior zip slide avaliable for 5-12year olds. The Devil's Dare is visible from the road side you may catch a glimpse when passing.

We now have both body and water zorbs, the equipment is similar but these events provide completely different experiences. If you have ever fancied walking on water then the water zorbs are for you. manage your own body zorb 5 a side football team but be sure to have plenty of subs as this event is for the young and fit!

The final planned new activity is Gatorquest a, a ride though the swamp in an argocat which travels on land and water. Ideal for the adventurous families up to four can the ride at a time. Can you spot the Aligators? Dont put your hands in the water hungry gators are lurking waiting to pounce!

Activities managers Sandy Duncan & John Webster are very impressed with the performance of the new go-karts with lap times of just over one minute for the 1 km track – John observed this is an average speed of 60 kph with the karts sticking to the asphalt surface like glue, there is quite a large G-force as the karts twist round the corners of the Silverstone track, especially on Abbey curve & Brooklands - Care must be taken not to slip off into the sand trap between Brooklands and Luffield.

The fastest corner on the track is without doubt Copse corner, getting the right line through Copse is very satisfying, but a slight deviation from the racing line lands you on the grass / mud depending on the weather.

From Copse it is very tempting to keep the speed going into the double chicane of Maggots & Beckets – probably the riskiest part of the track for a venture onto the grass – lifting off the throttle is the safest option giving more speed and a better time as you exit Beckets.

With the new go-karts on the Silverstone track the Rage buggies will be digging up the dirt on the adjoining grass track giving added excitement for the spectators gathered to see the racing and get their chance to have a go and try for a record time.

We have been very busy this year launching two new activities and we have a third in the pipeline


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