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Weekly Fishing Report – Weather the Storm at Lochter


Weekly Fishing Report – Weather the Storm at Lochter

There is a saying that goes: ‘ If you want to see the sunshine you have to weather the storm’.

This was quite apt down Lochter way last week when we were subjected to a biting Artic wind with frequent heavy squalls of rain whose sole intent was to penetrate any form of clothing that claimed to be waterproof and going by the mutterings in the bothy, the rain apparently won.

A hardy breed of angler was needed, and emerge they did to test themselves against the conditions. The fish are now well and truly in ‘winter mode’ being less inclined to chase and harry and from looking at the returns book it seems that lures or buzzers were the way to go. Paul Ingram led the way with 12 fish using a yellow dancer and a hothead damsel. Mike Frost from Aberdeen led the line on an outing with the highly esteemed Frigate Bar Angling Club on Saturday when he caught 11 fish on black buzzers and his success was celebrated in the timely Frigate manner.

Nicky Farquhar fresh from a season on the local rivers had a fine first outing at Lochter and had 9 fish on a variety of lures, John Rose brought 9 fish to the net on WSW and yellow dancer as did Raymond Yule from Portlethen but this time used nomads, white fritz and Montana.

Pete Green from Huntly skilfully used a team of buzzers to get 8 fish for his day session, Robert Swan from Aberdeen used the black WSW to good effect and had 7 fish. Matthew Reilly from Ellon had a very special day getting 7 fish, one being 10 lb and another at 7 lb using damsel nymphs, WSW and buzzers. Both these lovely fish were returned to fight another day. Albert Trail from Aberdeen brought 6 fish to the net on mop fly and lures, Leslie Johnston also had 6 fish this time on buzzers and lures and L Greenlees had 5 fish on the black tadpole.

At the time of writing we certainly seem to have weathered the storm as there is bright sunshine and a heady 10 °c of heat which has brought out a profusion of fly life for maybe their last dance in the winter sunlight.

Speaking of rays of sunlight, Harry Hughes from Kemnay, one of Lochter’s finest exponents of fly casting and tying, popped past during the week and casting my gaze into his fly box to see some of his recent creations my eye was drawn to some beautifully slim, elegant and sparse black buzzers with a discernable hint of stylistic quality. I asked him how he got them so thin yet so dark and he looked round to see no one could overhear and quietly confessed ‘ Black nail polish fae Superdrug. The wifie gaes ye a funny look though’. Your secret is safe with me I told him.

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There is a saying that goes: ‘ If you want to see the sunshine you have to weather the storm’.


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