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Weekly Fishing Report - 'B' Happy at Lochter


Weekly Fishing Report - 'B' Happy at Lochter

Down Lochter way last week although there was a constant buffeting by a daily gale of wind there was a lot to ‘B’ happy about… It reminded me of a saying from the mists of ancient times, which said “use a fly that begins with ‘B’, if you want to have some fishing glee.” To this end happiness did blow in past Lochter to affect even the most cynical angler.

The two ‘B’ flies in question were the buzzers and the bunny-leech, one dainty, quaint and somewhat humble and the other an elongated sleek new kid on the block type lure.

Complete opposites but both proved highly effective when cast onto the stormy waves of Lochter last week.

Paul Keir was a case in point when he fished an 8 hour session with some newly acquired black bunny leeches from the Lochter fly box and he had 27 fish for his day.

Andy Barrowman skilfully fished a team of buzzers to get 22 fish for his session as did J Cruickshank who landed 14 fish and Bryan Ross was well chuffed with his lucky 13 fish. Other buzzer users were Alan Morgan on 10 fish, Rhys West who is renowned for his exquisitely tied buzzers did well and got 10 fish and Raymond Thomson netted 10 fish using either buzzers or the bunny-leech.

Looking through the Returns book other notable efforts were Pete Young with 14 fish on the apps bloodworm or blob, Jonathan Petrie with 11 fish on a selection of lures as did Bill Bain with 9 fish.

Fred McAlly used either the bloodworm or white lure to land 8 fish, Jim Gilmour in a gale of wind had 8 fish ranging between 2-9lbs in weight all on the stalking bug, Steve Prince kept faith with his diawl bachs to get 7 fish and Matthew Reilly used the stalking bug to bring 7 fish to the net.

So all in all although there was some troublesome conditions to contend with, if you stuck with it you were well rewarded.

To conclude by stretching this ‘B’ theme to its tenuous end as it reminded me of the recent infectious cheery hit called “Don’t worry, be happy” and to find solace in these lines;

_“In every life we have some trouble
But when you worry you make it double,
Don’t worry, be happy…
Don’t worry, be happy”_

Tight happy lines,

S.P 25/2/20.

Down Lochter way last week although there was a constant buffeting by a daily gale of wind there was a lot to ‘B’ happy about…


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